Automatic Containment Technology

The Problem: Antivirus cannot
cope with today's threats

For thirty years, most of us have relied on signature based antivirus products for protection that use their signature file (blacklist) to identify and respond to threats. Unfortunately, that means "legacy antivirus" must first detect the threat before it can be addressed. Legacy antivirus systems simply cannot cope with the volume and sophistication of today's threats.

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Intelligent Threat Containment

Comodo's threat containment solutions provide total protection against zero-day threats while having no impact on end-user experience or workflows. All untrusted processes and applications are automatically contained in a secure environment, allowing safe applications the freedom to run while denying malware the system access they require to deliver their payloads.

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  • Known good: The file is known to be valid and not a risk.
  • Known bad: The file is a known threat and must be dealt with accordingly.
  • Unknown: The file is not on our lists of good or bad. It may be safe or it could be malicious. We just do not know.
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