Protect user data by shielding your application against attacks on the host

There are many security solutions on the market today that attempt to implement security by applying security measures to the host or network, including firewall, antivirus systems and host intrusion systems. While these solutions are extremely worthwhile, the slightest vulnerability can often lead to a catastrophic network breach and loss of company and user data.

Furthermore, companies cannot prevent their employees, partners, and customers from connecting to their websites from infected or compromised computers. Neither can they stop them from entering confidential account information on a convincing phishing website that uses their company branding. Even security measures such as Antivirus programs, endpoint security and encryption cannot prevent social engineering attacks or other user initiated errors. Comodo SecureBox eliminates these ‘human errors' by ensuring your customers interact exclusively with your website or application through a highly secure container, isolated from threats that may be affecting the rest of their system.

Unlike existing endpoint security solutions that seek to protect the host, Comodo SecureBox is designed to protect and run only trusted applications and assumes that the host environment is hostile or malware-infected. This unique approach to containerization is a perfect complement to threat containment solutions that sandbox malicious or untrusted applications.

SecureBox is a custom built company-branded application for your unique security needs, specifically tailored for your end users. With SecureBox, you can provide a controlled, non-modifiable environment in which your chosen application will run, immune to threats and attacks that may be affecting the rest of your end-user's computer. SecureBox can be used to shrink-wrap your desktop applications inside a hardened, virtual carapace so they are not susceptible to malware or data leakage. SecureBox can also be used to create a highly secure communication channel between endpoints and company owned servers.  Users cannot manually introduce other applications into the SecureBox environment, nor can they access websites other than your own, eliminating the chance of fraud or attacks due to client-side error. SecureBox provides a deeper level of security, one that is complementary to your existing security solutions, enabling you to secure mission critical data where it is most vulnerable, in-transit.

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