Containment Security Products from Comodo

Comodo have redefined the way security products deal with zero-day attacks by implementing threat and application containerization throughout our range. Untrusted processes and applications are automatically isolated in a secure, virtual environment so they cannot harm client endpoints or networks. This gives untrusted (but harmless) applications the freedom to operate whilst untrusted (and potentially malicious) applications are prevented from damaging your PC or data.

Bad in good – solutions designed to prevent, discover, contain and threats in corporate environments. Read More »

Comodo Endpoint Security – 360 o protection for Windows based desktop and laptop computers. Features automatic containerization of untrusted files, powerful antivirus software, award winning firewall, website filtering, real-time file ratings and host intrusion prevention. Read More »

Comodo Endpoint Security Manager – Deploy, manage and monitor Comodo Endpoint Security on corporate
networks.Read More »

Comodo cWatch

– Advanced, cloud based threat discovery, prevention and notification solution that provides enterprises with unrivalled awareness of zero-day threats and malware outbreaks wherever they occur on the network. Read More »

Good in bad – solutions designed to protect customer-specific applications against internal and external threats Read More »

Comodo SecureBoxSecureBox inverts the traditional ‘Protect the host' approach by assuming the host is vulnerable and protecting the application itself. Once setup is complete, client applications run inside an exclusive, security hardened container on the host computer which cannot be modified by any other processes or threats which are running locally. Read More »