What We Do

It is all about Innovation
It's what we do. It's who we are.
Innovation is not just a buzz word to us at Comodo. It is woven into our collective DNA.

Our innovations are not for their own sake. They are not to just look cool or impress the techies. We tackle the menacing problems that plague business and individual computer users every day.

Comodo security solutions have been battle tested by 80 million users worldwide. Our operations glean real world data that our R&D centers around the globe leverage to make you safe:

  • Whitelist (Known Good): Comodo CA knows all the publishers and produces a comprehensive list of known valid files for our scanners.
  • Blacklist (Known Bad): Comodo AV labs: knows the malicious files that our users are encountering and maintains a signature file of known files threats that is second to none.

While our Whitelist and Blacklist are second to none, what is makes us extraordinary are we do not stop with detection based on what is known. We have solved the riddle of how to deal with the unknown!

That's what innovation is all about. Solving riddles, but more important solving riddles where the solution makes a difference in keeping computers and networks safe.