How Government agencies are protected from online security breach

  • How can the public or employees be prevented from connecting to government portals from infected or compromised computers?
  • How can they be prevented from entering confidential account information on a convincing phishing website that uses governmental branding?

Cyber-attacks are becoming a top terror threat for government agencies, and the passive-reactive technologies they are using to protect themselves are no match for today's sophisticated hacker. Most of these information leaks occur when the information is actively used. Government agencies need to provide their employees with a secure environment to prevent the leakage of top-classified information that happens due to government security breach.

Comodo SecureBox is an innovative, paradigm shifting solution that inverts conventional thinking by securing the application in order to secure user and government data.

Security measures such as antivirus, endpoint security and encryption cannot prevent social engineering attacks or other user initiated errors.

SecureBox eliminates these human errors by ensuring users interact exclusively with governmental properties through a highly secure container, isolated from threats that may be affecting the rest of their system.

If you would like to discuss how SecureBox can help government agencies protect critical data and applications, please contact use here: