Comodo Containerization for Enterprise

The typical enterprise spends hundreds of thousands of dollars securing its data and transactions. But, what about employees, partners, and consultants who telecommute or work from home while accessing valuable enterprise data remotely? Security must extend beyond office headquarters to protect valuable corporate data while it's in use, regardless of where users are located.

SecureBox application containerization protects users and mission critical data against fraud and exfiltration. This technology is especially important if your employees, partners, and/or customers are accessing sensitive data while in a café, park, or airport, where the Internet connection is typically unsecured. SecureBox complements Comodo's range of threat containment solutions and can be deployed to meet a wide range of challenges, including:

Remote Endpoints

Enterprises need to protect their employees, customers, and partners from the growing threats of identity theft, account takeover, and funds transfer fraud. This critical value-added service provides highly secure interactions between you and your employees or customers, reducing the risk of financial liability to cover monetary losses due to fraud.

Point-of-Sale Systems

Point-of-Sale (POS) systems are typically poorly secured and have multiple points of weakness, making them vulnerable to phishing attacks, memory scraping, zero-day rootkits, and specific financial malware such as BlackPOS and Dexter. Even worse, POS malware is easy to hide and difficult to detect when using traditional security solutions. This combination makes POS systems an easy target for cybercriminals.

Retailers, food service companies, healthcare organizations, and hotels that use POS systems need to protect their customers' credit card information by securıng their POS systems.

ATM Machines

The banking industry is facing a serious risk of cyber-attacks aimed at ATMs. Remarkably, the majority of ATMs run on Microsoft® Windows® XP, making them potentially as vulnerable to malware as computers. SecureBox creates a barrier between data stealing malware and the ATM machine at the Windows operating system level.

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