"Don't be surprised – the spear phisher certainly knows a little about you before formulating a spear phishing attack on you"

What is Spear Phishing?

Spear phishing is an email scam sent to targeted individual or an organization with an intention to steal the identity of any specific victim or with an intention to install malware on a targeted computer.

Hackers have extracted the concept of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) onto the spear phishing hacking formula that seeds in the technique of targeted attacks.

Hackers target specific victims through phishing attempts to access sensitive data for financial gain, business secrets or government related information.

Spear Phishing hackers are anytime near you – Count on Security Measures to Stay Away from Phishing Attacks

Be sure if the email is from your friend

Email that you have received recently might sound very much familiar and friendly with some request to share some information, being very sure that you have received a mail from your friend, you would share your details upon request and while your identity goes for a toss – that you are actually sharing your information to an email spoofer.

Hold Your Information Behind Closed Doors

Information/Data Security depends on how an individual or an organization ensures protection from attacks. Each of us are hell-bent towards online activities like social media activities, banking transactions, shopping online and what not. Your personal information is not too far for the hackers to reach access and exploit such information for fraudulent purposes.

Weaken Hacker's Access with Strong Passwords

Avoid using easy passwords or the same password across various accounts – cyber criminals can easily hack such easy passwords and gain access to your personal and sensitive financial information. Ensure using unique passwords for each and every website that you visit.

Stay updated with the latest security patches

Stay alert on the OS updates, browser updates that includes security patches as well. Fixing security patches by staying updated on the latest security fixes released by the software vendors would defy hackers from sneaking into your personal information through the application's security flaw.

Stay Aware of Threats through Bogus Mail - Fight back Spear Phishing – Enforce Strong Email Security!!

Enterprise Network Security Is Necessary For Spear Phishing Protection

Companies everywhere work hard to ensure security breaches don’t occur. Comodo creates enterprise security software - an option to help combat malicious attacks like spear phishing and click-jacking on targeting companies.

Absolute Integrated Security from Comodo ensures Complete Spear Phishing Protection over Every Communication shared within your Organization.

Enterprise network security focuses on collecting IP information and monitoring traffic on your network.

Comodo Network security defends zero day exploits through

  • Monitoring network traffic
  • Detecting threats to the network
  • Collecting IP information

Monitoring the traffic on your network, includes monitoring bandwidth, applications used and websites visited. If you would like to learn more about Comodo network security options, contact us today.

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