SecureBox: The New Paradigm in Data Security

Unlike existing security solutions that seek to protect user data by protecting the host system, Comodo SecureBox assumes the host will always be vulnerable and zealously protects the application itself. Secure inverts the traditional security approaches by running critical applications inside a dedicated, security hardened container which cannot be modified by any other processes which are running. The core containerization technology is augmented with key-logger protection, AV scanning, Memory Scraping protection, remote takeover protection and Anti-SSL sniffing to comprehensively secure client software on end-user machines.

SecureBox features:

  • Application Containerization: Comodo repackages your application or client software so that it runs inside an exclusive, security hardened container on your customers' computers. Because this container is 'isolated' from the rest of their system, your application cannot be accessed or modified by any other processes that are running on their computer. By effectively separating the application from the underlying operating system, root kits and exploits cannot gain the privileges they require to execute an attack on your software.
  • Remote Takeover Protection: SecureBox contains proprietary screen capture detection technology which prevents your software from running if a non-authorized remote desktop session is in effect. This alerts your clients to the existence of a potential threat, prevents screenshots from being taken of sensitive information and stops attackers from gaining control of your customers' endpoints.
  • Anti-SSL Sniffing: By injecting a fake root certificate into the Windows certificate store, malicious actors can often fool client software into trusting a connection to a server operated by an attacker. This is known as certificate root poisoning and is the most commonly used technique for launching man-in-the-middle attacks. If successful, all data sent from the terminal would be routed through the attacker's server. SecureBox blocks these attacks by independently verifying all certificates used for secure connections against a built-in, verified list of trusted root certificates.
  • Active Virus Removal: Before your client software is allowed to run, Comodo SecureBox performs a thorough virus scan to detect and terminate all active viruses on the host device. Scans are run using the very latest signatures from Comodo's own AV database to ensure the terminal is completely free of known threats prior to operation
  • Anti-Memory Scraping: Comodo SecureBox prevents memory scraping by prohibiting external applications from accessing the memory of containerized applications.
  • Keylogger Protection: Using keyboard virtualization technology, Comodo SecureBox intercepts keystrokes from the keyboard filter driver and encrypts the information, sending it directly to the client software in a customized message. This process bypasses the entire Windows® input sub-system, ensuring that nothing can capture SecureBox-protected keystrokes.

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