Why rely on your customers to be aware of and implement the highest security practices?

If your customers connect to you from infected machines, it threatens the security and reputation of your company too. Without SecureBox, your customer's login details and other confidential could easily be intercepted and stolen by a range of local and remote attacks. Attackers can then use these details to login to accounts, steal customer funds or even use the privileges granted by the login to perform remote attacks on the webserver itself. Comodo Secure Box provides a secure platform through which your customers can login to your website or corporate portal, even if their computers are vulnerable or infected.

SecureBox meets the challenge of imperfect user security practices and vulnerable hosts by using containerization to protect the application through which they will connect to your systems. While using a SecureBox application, end-users and your organization are protected against known threats including remote takeover, keylogging, SSL sniffing, Man-in-the-Middle or Man-in-the-Browser attacks, memory scrapping, zero-day malware, fund transfer fraud, and data exfiltration.

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