What is zero-day exploit?

zero-day exploit is an advanced cyber attack that takes place through a security loophole in a software that remains unknown to its vendor. This weak link, usually known as zero-day vulnerability, paves way for zero-day exploit or zero-day attack.

zero-day vulnerability is a severe threat to a network's safety because it allows zero days – or no days – for software vendors to react to the vulnerability once it becomes openly known. An attack occurs zero days after the vulnerability is discovered.

For thirty years, most of us have relied on signature based antivirus products for protection that use their signature file (blacklist) to identify and respond to threats. Unfortunately, that means "legacy antivirus" must first detect the threat before it can be addressed.

If the threat is not detected, then infection occurs. We can safely say that there will always be some undetectable threats because malware authors are an intelligent bunch who test their products against all of the major antivirus systems before they release them. There will always be a gap between the time these threats are released and the time vendors have identified them and updated their signature file.

With an estimated 50,000 new malware released each day, how can a blacklist system be always up to date? It can't. We call these undetected threats "zero day malware".

Protect Your Enterprise Network With Comodo Endpoint Security

Comodo Endpoint Security (CES) features a powerful set of security tools specially designed to protect Windows based endpoints. Unlike traditional antivirus solutions, Comodo Endpoint Security employs a containment technology that offers a foolproof safety against zero-day vulnerability.

CES features the advanced auto-sandboxing technique that quarantines and runs all unrecognised applications in an isolated environment by default and prevents prevent any harmful processes from contaminating other process operating in an endpoint device. The software comes with 7 layers of defense plus technology, namely – antivirus, firewall, URL filtering, host intrusion prevention, file reputation and viruscope.

The symbiotic combination of antivirus, application containerization, firewall and behavior analysis in Comodo Endpoint Security work effectively in harmony to combat any known and zero-day exploit.

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