Threat Containment

Comodo threat containment technology provides a mechanism through which information, networks, systems or files whose security status is ‘Unknown’ are made available within limits in a well-controlled manner. The environment where unknown information and files are contained calls for the enforcement of well-defined security policies.

Run-Time Automatic Threat Containment

First you need a containment technology. Something that you can use to run something you don't trust "unknown file" in without causing damage, if it turns out to be a bad file.

First, Comodo built the world's only Containment technology that has been battle tested by over 80 Million users!

Second, the question is then when to use it. If you can identify a good file, then you don't need to contain it, because it's a good file. If you can identify a bad file, then you don't contain it. Bad files need to be "quarantined" or deleted.

It is the unknown files that must be contained.

Comodo security includes a patented solution for containing unknown files in run time, automatically. RTACT is intelligent enough to weed out good and bad and contain only the unknown, hence creating a very efficient "Containment" technology.

Of course, you can configure to run everything in our containment, but there simply is no need for that as it does not improve your secure posture.

Comodo is the only company who classifies an executable file into 3 states, good, bad and unknown. Hence, Comodo can provide containment security technology with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness.

Only Comodo is able to zero in and deal with what truly matters in protection, the unknown files. Unknown files must only be executed within a container.

Comodo's container solution offers zero friction for end user usability. This means the user who is executing the application continues to use the application without even realizing that this application is running in a container.

Fast, efficient and zero user experience change!