Defend Your Network with a Futuristic Approach

March 13, 2017 | By admin

Cyber threats and cyber attacks are now becoming more complex and dynamic and occur today with much more speed and sophistication than ever before. Ransomware attacks, APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) etc are now becoming increasingly common in a world where we connect to the web and to one another using all kinds of devices. Organizations are being targetted and all kinds of
data get stolen. Hackers seem to be operating in a more organized manner today.

Proactively defending networks would work!
Experts believe that a futuristic approach, which emphasizes on proactively defending networks and systems, would work well in today’s scenario. Proactive intelligence gathering capabilities, combined with advanced solutions that could allow organizations to detect malicious campaigns and threats, would help them go for pre-emptive strikes that could help block threats and attacks.

There are advanced persistent threats that are too stealthy and sophisticated that they’d bypass detection and prevention capabilities. There are also ransomware that would bypass security software. Still, detection and prevention capabilities do have their own role, their own importance when it comes to battling APTs and ransomware.

First and foremost, it’s the commitment of the executive management of any organization that matters. Without a real commitment from the part of the executive management, no effective security program can be implemented.

Starting with using a trusted antivirus software, there are different things that can be done to combat such threats. Having firewalls installed, proper SSL encryption, password management, careful handling of data, timely updation of software programs etc would definitely be advantageous. Tools that filter email content could be used to root out spoofed emails and could thus protect against phishing links and spammy attachments. Application whitelisting also works.

In addition to having the necessary tools, it’s important that any organization that wants to combat threats and attacks should educate employees about social engineering, phishing etc. Similarly, an organization should also have an Incident Response Plan, which would help handle things if at all a breach happens.

Overall, it’s a proactive strategy and a futuristic approach that works best, for any organization today.

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