Comodo Enterprise Security

Comodo Endpoint Security (CES) features a powerful array of layered security technologies specifically designed to deliver persistent, impenetrable protection for Windows based endpoints. The software uses a proprietary combination of application containerization, behaviour analysis, antivirus, host intrusion prevention and firewall to quickly and accurately neutralize all known and zero-day threats. A proven and popular solution, CES is easy to install and use; provides unbeatable protection without disrupting employee workflows and is currently protecting over 4 million desktop and laptop users worldwide.

Real-Time, Automatic Containment

Whenever CES encounters an unknown application, it will run it in an isolated operating environment called the 'sandbox'. Sandboxed applications cannot access the underlying operating system or file structure and write instead to a virtual system. If the unknown file is indeed malicious, then it cannot cause any harm and has no access rights to confidential information. On the other hand, files that are unknown but are harmless will run just as well in the sandbox. This allows safe applications the freedom to run as required while denying malicious applications the ability to wreak damage. Containment technology provides far more robust and effective protection against zero-day threats than any traditional antivirus software.

  • Paradigm shifting approach to malware prevention isolates vulnerable, targeted and untrusted applications in a secure container excluded from OS interaction.
  • Full threat detection, quarantine and behaviour monitoring of containerized processes expands control and visibility over malicious activities
  • Prevents malware outbreaks to the network more completely than traditional solutions running directly on the local operating system
  • Can be purchased as standalone licenses for individual endpoints or managed centrally via Comodo Endpoint Security Manager. Standalone installations can be imported to central management at any time.
  • Optional Valkyrie sub-system offers near real-time behavioural analysis and identification of zero-day threats and distributes updated black-lists to entire covered network
Seamless interception and analysis of unknown threats

Apart from containerization, unrecognized files found on your network can be simultaneously uploaded to Comodo's Valkyrie malware labs for behaviour analysis. Each file is then rigorously tested to determine its threat level and, if found to be malicious, Comodo will automatically update the virus definitions on every computer on your network. If required, complete analysis results can be sent back your administrator for awareness and intelligence purposes within 15 minutes of the file being detected. This near real-time identification and treatment of zero-day threats is another example of how CES delivers cutting-edge protection to your employees without interrupting their workflows.

Key Features
  • Threat containment – Prevents local and network malware outbreaks by automatically running untrusted files in an isolated environment separated from the underlying operating system and user data
  • Application Containerization – CES runs unsigned and often-targeted applications inside a secure virtual container. Examples include browsers, mail clients, java, and popular productivity suites such as MS Office
  • Behavior Analysis – Automated upload of unknown files to Comodo's Valkyrie malware labs for near real-time analysis and verification
  • Behavior Blocker – Authenticates every executable and process running on a computer and prevents them from taking actions that could cause harm
  • Antivirus - Proactive antivirus engine automatically detects and eliminates viruses, worms and other malware.
  • Firewall – Highly configurable packet filtering firewall that provides constant defence against inbound and outbound internet attacks
  • Fully InteroperableComodo Endpoint Security's core containerization technology operates on a separate layer, meaning the solution is compatible with any and all existing security solutions that are installed on a network.
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Awards and Press

Comodo Internet Security, which deploys the same core containment technology as CES, has consistently topped the rolling 'Proactive Security challenge' run by security testing firm, Matousec. In doing so, it has proven itself to offer greater protection against zero-day threats than security software offered by more well-known vendors like Symantec, McAfee and Kaspersky. Recently, CIS also achieved a perfect 100% score for protection from and was awarded the prestigious ‘Editors Choice' award from PC Magazine.

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